Aloxxi’s eCademy is an online learning platform dedicated to empowering stylists to learn and grow at their own pace, on their own time, wherever, whenever! Stylists worldwide have 24/7 access to this free learning platform that lets them choose to master topics that they determine are most relevant.
Featuring Aloxxi® International Artists and Educators, the platform consists of tutorial videos that take stylists through a complete colour journey from consultation and formulation to application, techniques and final results. In addition, there are videos chock-full of technical information, presented in a simplistic and comprehensive format to set stylists working with Aloxxi® colour up for success. Each series ends with a quiz and certification. Content will be updated consistently so there is always something new to get curious about!

Certification quizzes are available for both Aloxxi CHROMA™ and ANDIAMO®, which allows you to check your comprehension and retention of technical knowledge and become a Certified Aloxxi CHROMA™ or ANDIAMO® stylist.

We recognize education is a very personal experience and the importance of creating a space that can address individual needs.